SBR 20l (4 x 5l )

Contract SBR
High Performance SBR

Product Description

ProJoint™ SBR
4 x 5L

To achieve the best possible outcome for any paving project, we recommend that an SBR is used prior to laying the paving.

Nexus Paving Systems have developed a quality High Performance SBR(45 % solids)  together with a Contract SBR (30% solids) to provide reassurance that the bedding material will benefit from greater adhesion and will meet the demands of any project*.

The ProJoint SBR products have been designed with non-foaming properties to control the density of mortar and:

  • promote adhesion of natural stone and concrete paving to substrates;
  • improve strength and workability of a sand and cement mortar;
  • increase water resistance and durability of mortar;
  • increase the compressive, tensile and flexural strength of mortar.
  • sold in boxes of 4 x 5l
  • High Performance SBR(45 % + solids)  or  Contract SBR (30% solids)