PaveCare Black Limestone Restorer 5L RGB

Black Limestone & Dark Paving Restorer

12 x 1l (box)

Product Description

The PaveCareTM Black Limestone Restorer is a coloured impregnating sealer designed to permanently rejuvenate and restore the appearance of all types of faded dark stone, including limestone, marble slate and concrete pavers.

Made up of a quality water-based sealer and dark coloured pigment, PaveCareTM Black Limestone Restorer impregnates into the surface of the natural stone and rejuvenates the original colour.  Once fully cured, the newly treated surface will also resist dirt, grime and algae.

Available in 1L and 5L containers.


  • Professional grade water repellant for porous natural stone and concrete paving
  • Breathable with high surface penetration
  • Ready to use – restores the appearance of dark coloured paving
  • Seals and protects
  • Resists dirt, grime and algae
  • Anti-slip and ideal for paths, patios or driveways – not recommended for interior use or porcelain paving