Jointing compounds

The Resiply product is a revolutionary way to joint paving slabs of all varieties, from Portuguese granite to Indian Stone, cobbles and budget paving. If you are looking for the quick, clean and convenient solution to professional joint or point paving stones of all varieties – choose Resiply.

Our unique formulation of flexible polymers provide a hard wearing, flexible and professional finish without all the hassle of conventional mortar.

Rest assured you’ll be amazed with the ease of use, strength and durability of this product. It’s simply the 21st Century way to to joint and point paving – the choice of professionals.

Using our unique paving jointing formula is a simple three step process – so easy anyone can do it!

  1. Mix resin and polymer ie. Part A & B together. Mix thoroughly then
    add water, same amount as part A & B. Then add sand.
    Mix until a porridge like mix is achieved. Product weight 26 Kgs.
  2. Wet area to be pointed and empty contents into piles.
  3. Immediately brush across joints until joints are full then brush away excess sand.

Question. Is it cost effective in the long run?

Answer. Yes as RESIPLY takes far less time to apply and can be applied in inclement weather conditions such as rain or extreme heat etc.

Question. Does it change the colour of the paving after pointing?

Answer. Only very slightly at first or not at all. After a short time will disappear completely. And it usually enhances the colour of the product.

Question. Will RESIPLY last longer than sand cement etc.?

Answer. RESIPLY is far more hard wearing and tolerant from erosion, expansion and contraction than standard sand/cement/mortar.

Question. Can Resiply be applied at different times eg. day by day?

Answer. Yes without colour change or loss of performance.

Question. Once the product had been opened must all the product be used like some other epoxy mortar products?

Answer. No you only mix the amount you need.

Further notes when using RESIPLY:

  • Resiply should be applied with a minimum pointing depth of approx. 10mm.
  • Drying times vary according to temperature summer approx. 3-4 hours / winter 4 – 8 hours plus
  • Tools for the job – Brushes: Stiff and then soft. Mechanical mixer or mix in bucket trowel or jointer optional.
  • Protective clothing is essential ie. Oil proof gloves, safety glasses, coveralls, boots etc.
  • Care should be taken when applying resin mortar not to transfer resin on feet or gloves etc.
  • Clean all tools with soapy water.