Rebit professional swedish made tct tracing chisel for all stone


Product Description

This is a carbide tipped tracer chisel has a two sided angled carbide and is designed designed for splitting stone. Stone masons hold this tool vertically to the stone tracing a scoreline to split a deepening line in the rock. The high quality tungsten carbide tip is designed for use on granite or other hard stone but can be used on softer stone. This is a very versatile chisel and can be used for all forms of shaping stone. It is recommended to sharpen the carbide regularly for safety ,efficiency and extending life of the tool.The tools are also hardened to avoid splitting and mushroom-shaping.

Made by craftsman in Sweden and probably the finest stone chisel on the market.

Using the tools.
– Use the correct size.

-On uneven surfaces it is advised to hit lightly until the full width of carbide is in contact with the stone.

– Hit with the full width of the tool.

– Grinding advice

– Do not grind the carbide too sharp.
– After grinding, give an edge to the corners
– Do not overheat.Do not Quench .
– Hold the chisel steady against the grinding disc